An incremental meta-game about Incremental Game Jam 2 submissions. Reach Infinite light by playing through different submitted games!

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One problem: When I created my account, it didn't save.  All the progress I've done throughout the day with this game is gone.  I'm guessing that means I gotta reset all the other games too...

...and all because i had to tell you that traffic jam production wasn't working...

real shame.  The whole META thing is, like, REALLY cool and I wanna see more multi-site things like this from you and other creators.

Maybe you could do a tutorial on those sorts of things sometime? ;)

The meta part is interesting


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i liked the choices, very interesting and refreshing


having meta incorporate other games is cool, nice job


this is interesting because of the meta thing

how did you do it


This is a very good game, I spent most of my time on it gathering Meta Points, this took alot of my time but it was worth it. Really enjoyed the game, don't know how you do it, overall i give this a 9.3/10 rating.


This is an awesome game, the only problem with it is one of the games you're most dependent on for meta points doesn't work in chrome browsers. If you could add an "export save" function, I can play optics factory in Opera and then transfer the save over, if that's something that's feasible for this game. Otherwise, love it and all the games are pretty consistently great too. 

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What do you mean by "doesn't work in chrome browsers"?

Chrome work just fine for me.

good luck on playing all the games you can play to endgame!


i Love Incremental!


Meta doesnt seem to work on browser version. Also evrytime i close safari the progress resets


Is it possible to play on different devices and move my save?


An amazing game with an amazing concept, and I love a lot of the other games it's introduced me to! My only real complaint is that a lot of the other games it wants you to play for the secondary currencies don't work for many people (Optics Factory), glitch out lots (Cards Against Luminosity), are incredibly incomplete (GridLit), take forever to reach the necessary milestones (Light the City!), or are just point-blank the most infuriating incremental game I have ever encountered (Lit). I do genuinely love this game in and of itself, I like the different paths you can choose, and I feel like it's got a pretty good progression rate for a game I check on every half hour or so in-between work tasks. Plus, again, the *concept* is astounding, and I can't imagine the amount of work it must have taken to implement the meta aspects. I'm just sad I can't enjoy it to completion due to the failures of other games.


this is a very impressive game i mean how did you put multiple games into one

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why does the "play wheel combo" only increase light per second by 1, that's useless. oh yeah and the game is great.

also i cant get Prisms Points because Optics Factory game is glitched

I Liked how you connect a game into other (idk how) but this impresive

I'm playing this on the download client and the meta part does not seem to be working, I got traffic light to yellow and didn't get any traffic points

Oh, well, the download client probably did not exist back then. Have no clue how to support it. 


i beat traffic light incremental and didn't get that last traffic light point in this game for having thrown the temper tantrum.

losing out on a whole upgrade kind of ruins the meta game.

now i'm just going to check out the other games and stop playing this one.


It takes 30 seconds to save Traffic Light Incremental, that's why the condition was changed from beating the game to temper tantrum. 


It takes minutes, not 30 seconds. And I have no idea what you're talking about. Did I not tick the 'temper tantrum' action by beating the game?


In order for the game to know that you did tick the action, that data should be in the save. Traffic Light Incremental is tricky in this part: if you beat the game, it stops saving altogether (due to an error - at least that was my experience the last time I checked it).

What are the columns in the generator section? Specifically what do they mean on generator mode?

Name, production multiplier, amount (bought in brackets). 


Why is progression so slow? The next cheapest item costs 100,000 but I only make like 100 a second.

It shouldn't be that slow. Which paths did you pick?

Idle and generate generators

Thanks, I will check it when I have the time.

Any update?  Progress is terrible!


like 99% of hardcore idle players, i picked idle and generators. and omfg is it slow.

we have to be punished because you don't play idle games so you tuned the game for non-idle players? rofl.


its "incremental" not "idle" and it did not specify "idle" its "game".

DAMNIT....... lost my progress cause my browser reset itself >:'(

that happens to me all the time since i use a school chromebook


Suggestion: After purchasing the "auto-buy upgrades" upgrade, let us toggle it on or off. Sometimes, I want to save up to buy another upgrade sooner and not buy a lower one first.


Blargh, so many satellites required. Considering that one is exponentially longer to get than the other games, I'd prefer if it was more balanced with the rest of the listed games.

Am i missing something? Can’t seem to get any of the currency’s under the meta tab to work. Is it safari? I’m on a iPhone but i tried on my Mac too 

It probably is, some Firefox and Safari users reported problems with the Meta tab, it was also usually together with random frequent resets of other games. Was not able to reproduce it. 

I tried it on chrome aswell , still acts like i never play the other games , i can try the computer version of chrome later but I’m not sure it’ll be different 

Hm, I think I tested it on a computer version of Chrome, and it worked. If you run into the same problem, please send the version number. 

It did work on chrome on my computer , shame it doesnt on my phone that’d be a lot more convenient for me personally , but as a blind person I’m happy to say most of the games are accessible so I’m more then happy lol , thanks for that  even though you probably didn’t do it on purpose haha 

Cool game, but FYI it seems to have an issue on firefox, or maybe with certain extensions. On chrome the game runs fin, but on firefox the the button does nothing and the console is flooded with this error spammed out:

Uncaught DOMException: <span class="objectBox objectBox-string" <the="" operation="" is="" insecure.<="" span=""> >span class="message-location devtools-monospace">saveload.js:32    load_local</span>


I guess it is some privacy issue, if it forbids loading from localStorage. There is nothing that can be done if localStorage is broken, other games would be similarly affected. 

i use firefox and everything works great. he's probably denied permission for local storage or this site. i wouldn't waste your time looking into it.

wait how do i play the game?

You start with pressing the only button on the screen. When you press it 5 times, the choice would appear - select the variant you like and continue. After that, there would be more buttons. 

Guys, is it normal to gain Infinite Light in one click?

Whoops, can't go very far on the "no prestige" route... this game isn't Infinity-resistant.

This is a problem in the "prestige" route too, but at least it isn't a hard wall that way.


Infinity is the end of the game, actually; the game is Infinity-resistant as much as it can be, given that point. No prestige route and generator choice are stronger in this regard, but it is possible to reach Infinity on any path. 


Sup guys


This is a cool metagame concept, especially with the option to choose how to play. Nice little game!


If this was in the jam, then this'd probably be ranked first. 

That would be impossible, though, because the author needed to know which other games would be in the Jam before he was able to finish making this one.



This is... really cool, and a great way to promote other peoples's incremental games. Good job.

Also, helpful tip for new players, go for the idle path when you come to that choice. With active, you'll be splitting your attention between this game and all the jam games.


I got to say, I'm impressed. No, really, I am. You may be the first developer to ever make a game that needs other games to be played in order to be completed. All that, but on itch, at least. Feel free to let me know if Semenar's not the first, comment section.


It was inspired by the meta incremental games on the discord, but this is better in many ways.  Great work by semenar, what a rock star!