A polynomial growth incremental game heavily inspired by Antimatter Dimensions that features updates. Get through all of the updates and turn your Darkness Dimensions into something else!

Made for Void Development Jam.


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why deleting "get darkness point" button breaks the game?

What do you mean?

The version said that button was useless so I deleted it, game lied to me

You might have deleted it too hard and broke something in the process. Please use only developer-approved patches.

why this game isn't hevily inspired?

game says i have points but no amount how to fix?

Sounds like broken JavaScript. 

If it does not go away after page reload: which browser (+version) are you using? 

I use google on the latest version

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That is extremely strange.

Are there any errors in console when you open the page? (you can open console by right-clicking anywhere and selecting "Inspect Element", then switching to Console tab)

nope no errors

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sad there is a newsticker saying no more updates (or something of the sort)

what if there are mods though

If anyone is interested in creating them, mods are welcome. The source code is on GitHub:


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good work keep it up

How to get a point?

I'd be curious as to what the lore is, or even if you implement it in the game 


pls more update very good game :)

Fantastic. That's all I gotta say. Fantastic.

Another nice game from you :)

1d 0h19m44sec

Am I missing something, or are the infinity upgrades that multiply dimensions by unspent infinity points pointlessly weak (at least early on)?

They are weak, yes. The main benefit of Infinity is rerolling/getting more Heroes, and no present upgrade can actually stand against that. 

pls more update version control very good game :)


finished in 16:34:41... i'm proud... and i loved this game! only thing missing is a way to check previous update bonus!

+1, would really like to go back through previous changelogs.


10d 10:38:20.₁₉₆  Yes, somehow I'm still proud of that.  Lol.  Excellent boredom fighter. Thank you Semenar.

Dimensional Sacrifice (at 0.5.1) seems to not be working as intended? It doesn't actually remove anything it just grows the 10th multiplier a bunch for basically free?

Also it would be neat to have a "version history" somewhere so I don't have to remember what upgrades I got from the last version (or further back for that matter)

Dimensional Sacrifice should remove the amounts of all your previous dimensions; it should take a while to get back, if you reset for a small boost. 

I'm going to make version history open as a window, when I have time. 

Yeah, then I think it doesn't work as intended, at least not for me.

Also nice would be an indicator of the exact goal of the game, I just got the "You win" screen without really knowing why

It's hard for you to tell because you start gaining them back so quickly. I thought the sacrifice wasn't working either, but it definitely is. If you turn off automatic buying of stuff before you do it, you can see it a bit easier.

it works, but you need to remember that because the tickspeed is crazy high you'll get them all back instantly (unless you sacrifice for a tiny boost like less than 2x).


4d 16h to win

great game!


Given the nature of the game, I am not certain if his should be classified as a spoiler or not. For players who want to avoid spoilers, caveat emptor (read or skip this rest of this, at your own risk)!




. (Some dots to hopefully make the rest of this only appear if you click the "read more" thingy, so it limits "spoiler" visibility)




Here's some discussion and strategy regarding the "Actions" part of the game that gets added in later in the game.

- First off, you can think of this as a mini-/sub- game within the main game. You do not have to play it to advance or win the main game--although some of the boosts can help you in that regard.

- Second, I suspect that the main reason some players dislike Actions is that it really is more like "Casino" than "Actions". That is, your success is more based on random chance and luck than it is on skill or strategy. (For myself, I often felt like I was a hostage to the [P]RNG--[pseudo?] random number generator--than anything.)

There are, however, some strategies to playing this sub-game that I think can help make the most of it.

- Do not unlock additional resources until you are ready to deal with them--and use them. This reduces the number of resources that can be random generated, both via the "Get X" and the "Spend X for Y" cards (I do not know what else to call them, so I'll call them cards here).

- As a consequence of the above, you can arrange so that all the buy-able unlocks use that (or higher, yet unavailable) resource. You can then wait until you "get lucky" and get a card to produce that resource (or a pair in some cases, such as "Get X" and "Spend X for Y") to accumulate all the resources you will need to unlock them all. (I suggest you accumulate even more beyond that so you have some reserve in case you get a "Spend X for Y" card without a supporting "Get X" card).

- Ultimately, the goal is to get (and lock) cards to generate DP, HP, and XP (later in the game) level boosts, thus boosting their effectiveness in the main game. None of the other resources have any effect in the main game, they are only part of and used only in the sub-game.

For example, let us say you have "Beams" unlocked. The next to unlock would be "Rods". However, do not unlock "Rods" until you've already unlocked everything that needs "Beams". By doing this, you reduce the number of random possibilities to those you need (or most likely need), without adding "Rods" in to the random chance.

If you get lucky, and get a "Get 2 Beams" / "8s[econds]" card, you can lock that to generate a stockpile of "Beams". Either while stockpiling, or after you have a large stockpile of "Beams", you can then unlock "Rods" and as soon as you get a card for generating "Rods", you can move your "Lock" slot to generate "Rods", and so on.

Once you have enough available free lock slots (at least three, so you have enough to maneuver with), you can then use them to lock matching chains of cards such that "Get X" and "Spend X for Y" (where Y here is DP/HP/XP) continuously generate DP/HP/XP boosts.

In some cases, you might get unlucky and need a chain of cards: "Get X", coupled to "Spend X for Y", which is coupled to "Spend Y for Z", where Z is the resource you want (or DP/HP/XP boosts). This is why you want at least three available lock slots: Two will be used for the "Get X" and "Spend X for Y" pair, and the third you use to lock the needed [DP/HP/XP] card. Then you watch and hope for a needed "Get Y" card which can then be used to replace the chained lock pair with a single locked slot, freeing up one of the lock slots for other uses.

For myself, I ignore the XP boosts. If you boost your DP and HP, they will generate plenty of XP as a side effect, anyhow.


I think I found a bug. I got to the "Final Toolbox" in level v8.1, and when I did my reset to level v1.0, it was no showing me the other toolboxes, only the "Final Toolbox". Thinking I must have messed something or did something wrong, I reloaded the web page and game, and only then the lower tier toolboxes were showing up again.

Yeah, I think it was reported occasionally. Looks strange. I will check it.

How do dimensions work exactly? You keep getting production from them and start over?  Do the multipliers stack or are all dimension outputs just added together?

Dimensions produce other dimensions (2nd produce 1st, 3rd produce 2nd, and so on). So, in a sense, all dimension outputs are multiplied together.

it reset me


Just finished it. Great stuff but I agree with others about the Actions.

Suggestion it would not reset your automation every time you update

Within the game design, that is an essential part of the game. The "soft resets" are the parts that do not (normally) reset the automatics.

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0.8.1 is going Dutch for some reason ;)


Very cool game, i loved it. I really disliked the "Action" tab however, maybe add icons instead of words, it becomes really difficult to know what action u want.

Hope you add more stuff!


What year is 202Y?


one year after 202X

So, if Y = X + 1, find X? O.o


X = Y - 1

found it


4d 15 hours to complete the game not bad !!!!!!!!


This game is very cool and first place is well earnt, it has a story about the development of incremental games and did not even sacrifice on looks

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I bought the dimension shift for the 5th dimension, yet I don’t have it, do I have to buy the auto upgrades to get it? Or is it bugged? (Nvm lol I forgot I had the ability to scroll)


Did it! Awesome game! Actions were the only downside, awesome game, love how you just ramp up in power in certain spots.

from where I'm at v 0.3 is too hard 1e100,000 seriously thats way too high

Honestly it took me about 45-60 minutes. Just keep doing the red thing and around 12 it just clicks. Get autos for sure.



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thank you dino200

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thank you eetazeeba


Just get 12 shifts it inflates almost immediately at 12 dimensions

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thats intentional

edit: 10 is good as well apparently

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thank you the incremental nerd

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thank you VoidCloud

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Just keep doing shifts beyond the 10th dimensional shift, and you'll get there quickly. Look at the "Changelog" -- it mentions (for the next "Version 3.1") that dimensional shifts are now limited to 10. That makes it very clear the insanely high values were intentional--but still completely possible.

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thanks casteele

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Nice game! One small suggestion: a place to see the previous versions changelogs after you updated. Sometimes I update and realize I didn't even look to see what's new now lol


I'll second this one! Make the already attained levels in to buttons to view what they are/were. Heck, I did not even realize the changelogs were for the *next* level (version) until I was already at 4.0. I was ignoring them as just environmental props until then.


awesome incremental!


Awesome game what gives AD feelings!


HI, just an observation: so 4 heros cost 10 XP, i.e. 2,5 XP per hero, 10 40XP = 4 per Hero, 25 for 150, so 6 per hero, aso....it does not make sense that it gets more expensive...


I assume that even though it is a loss, you can't really spam small crates very easily so it's more helpful if you want a lot of heroes.


you can hold [enter] on the screen that shows what you got from a crate to open them rapidly.


Eventually, you will unlock higher quality Heroes, and you gain more of them (as a fraction) in higher quality crates.


Being an incremental game, it makes sense to me. Each "batch" costs more than the last, using the idea of compounding costs. It also makes logical sense to me. A Hero is above average, so they can "charge" more as the demand outpaces supply.

Deleted 106 days ago

Yes. v0.3 introduces inflation, and the next version fixes it. 


pretty fun

couldn't figure out how to see past version history to see all the previous perks earned--that would be cool 

actions seemed underwhelming


Yeah, true, actions are just a timekiller so you have something to do if you are bored of waiting. They can be skipped without losing much. 


love this concept, if you decide to keep working on it post Game Jam I think a good implement would be challenges and having to go to earlier versions to complete them.


Really fun game, very cool concept and very fun gameplay :D


It's pretty cool so far :) It's your solid, basic incremental with upgrades!

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