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Deleted 1 year ago

Yes. v0.3 introduces inflation, and the next version fixes it. 


pretty fun

couldn't figure out how to see past version history to see all the previous perks earned--that would be cool 

actions seemed underwhelming


Yeah, true, actions are just a timekiller so you have something to do if you are bored of waiting. They can be skipped without losing much. 

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hey Semenar can you add a new version i completed the game recently so can you create v1.0.1?

an image.


love this concept, if you decide to keep working on it post Game Jam I think a good implement would be challenges and having to go to earlier versions to complete them.


Really fun game, very cool concept and very fun gameplay :D


It's pretty cool so far :) It's your solid, basic incremental with upgrades!


I really like this concept. Even though it's finished currently, I think you should return to it someday and add new updates.


I'm enjoying it a lot especially for a game jam game


Aren't jam games supposed to be good?


No. That is why there is a "First Place" winner, and so on, down to the "Loser". Sometimes they are all good--but sometimes hey are all bad, too.

(//?/C:/3D Objects/goals/goals) its broken 


I'm really enjoying this, but somehow my savegame gets corrupted with each version upgrade, so I have to start over again from 0 points... ;)

Mine too


They say they'll fix that in v2.0 ... yeah, v2.0! *nods emphatically*

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